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Our Story

The passion for creating a beloved community through REACH began in 2001 with Rev James Miller, Pastor of DuPage AME Church, and a small group of volunteers. They provided support to the most vulnerable members of our community through food assistance. Over the years, the passion, resources and volunteers associated with REACH have grown and have once included job services, diversity education and economic empowerment.

REACH was incorporated as a not-for-profit 501c3 entity in 2006 and operates with the assistance of volunteers. REACH now serves 180 families monthly, delivers food to those sick and shut-in, and serves as one of several emergency pantries in DuPage County. Over 57,400 pounds of food have been served by REACH to 1,300 families in DuPage and other neighboring counties in 2018. Forty volunteers serve approximately 160 hours each month.

Mission and Vision Statements

Our Mission:  Support individuals and families in need of independence through education, counseling, personal development and mentoring.

Our Vision: REACH will serve individuals and families throughout DuPage County in areas of need. REACH endeavors to enhance the quality of life for its participants through the Food Pantry, clothing and housing initiatives, economic conferences, and programs. Additional initiatives will be under taken based on community needs and the availability of resources to support them.

REACH serves individuals and families to help them meet their basic needs and remain independent. Our services include food assistance, active education, diversity training, counseling, personal development, and mentoring.

A Letter from the Board

As the board of REACH, we are happy that you found your way to our website.  We pray that you will find here the information that is desired by you to help you in your efforts.  We are here to help our community by helping our neighbors who are in need.  Our current major focus is towards providing aid to fight food insecurity by providing food directly to those who request to participate in our food distribution program.

Our food program provides our participants with the ability to get some help to fight food insecurity on a monthly basis. We have a goal is improving this program by offering the client choice program in the near future with the goal of implement by 1Q 2022.  In this new model, our clients will be able to shop within our food pantry much the same way that they can do at a grocery store.  We believe this offers greater convenience, better food utilization by reducing wasting of unfamiliar foods, and higher client satisfaction by improving their participation in the process.

We welcome your engagement with our agency.  We are happy to assist you should you have any needs; likewise, should you have talents or monetary donations that you would like to share with REACH for the benefit of our food program, please feel free to utilize our donation page or feel free to make contact with our board via board@reachcommunityservices.com.