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We take the challenge of helping to feed our neighbors very seriously.  We’re here to help and we hope to hear from you.  Please give back to help others if you are able.

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About REACH Food Pantry

Food Distribution

We distribute food boxes one the 2nd Saturday of every month at our location and on the Friday before. Please call today to get registered for our program (preferred, not required).


Emergency Assistance

We offer assistance to individuals or families outside of our normal schedule. Feel free to reach out whenever you have a need. We are here to help you with your food needs.

Participant Choice

The future of REACH includes moving to a participant choice format and away from the pre-packed box format that we utilize today.  



Volunteer With Us

More volunteers are always needed at a non-profit program like REACH.  It is a good feeling to help out your fellow citizens.  Volunteer shifts are flexible and fun. 


We have the power to help others, and we’re doing something about it.

Announcement: Reach is Now on Cash App

REACH Ministries is now able to receive your donations via Cash App. You will find our Cash App badge on our Donate page. Or you can go directly to our Cash App link if you're on mobile.

Amazon Smile

REACH is happy to announce that we are a registered recipient with Amazon's charity funding program, known as Amazon Smile.   We kindly ask that you consider designating REACH as your charitable organization within your Amazon account.  Your pricing will remain the...

Volunteers Needed and Welcomed!

Volunteers are needed the second Friday of each month at the Food Pantry beginning at 8:30 am to assist with unloading food delivered from the Northern Illinois Food Bank. Several palettes are delivered in preparation for the food distribution that occurs on the...